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World War II Websites

Images from the National Archives

The United States National Archives: Images of World War II: Scroll through dozens of pages of fascinating photographs from the warfronts in Europe and the Pacific and the American home front.

Jim Crow Armies in World War II

PBS presents a feature on Jim Crow armies in World War II. Be sure to check out the audio clips of veteran African-American soldiers discussing the war and its effects on their lives.

Remembering Nagasaki

The California Exploratorium Museum presents a collection of photographs of Nagasaki, Japan taken in 1945 after the atomic bomb decimated the region. The site also includes the reflections of American citizens upon hearing about the attack.

American Women in World War II

Partners in Winning the War: American Women in World War II: The National Women's History Museum presents a beautifully illustrated collection of resources on women in World War II. The site includes photographs, biographies, and loads of information on the various roles women played in the war effort.

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