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Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories


by Dr. Seuss

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories Images

How It All Goes Down

It's a Beautiful Day
If only this inanimate throne that doesn't have any rights would stop wiggling. Yertle gets comfortable on the book's cover.

He's Watching You
Nevermind me. Just go about your business and pretend I'm not here, staring at your creepily through the reeds. Uh, Yert? Get a life.

Go About Your Little Happy Lives
"I may be content now, but just you wait. Such is my prerogative as the king of a mucky green pond!"

To Oppress or Not to Oppress?
Answer: oppress. Oppression seems about right.

I'll Be Your New King Now
Don't worry. One day I'll get a dictionary and look up the terms "sovereignty" and "freedom."

Why I Oughta
….tear you to pieces with my terrible exploding breath! Courtesy of some kid's coloring project… we think.

Hey guys? How about that revolution? Guys?
We thought these were turtles, not sheep, but that's not really how they're behaving as they rush to climb up the stack. (P.S. iPads are cool—look at those words jump!)

And a One, and a Two!
Yertle practices for his tap dance lesson.

What'd I Say About Dissent?
The world's highest turtle reminds everyone how high and mighty he is. By the way, did we tell you that Yertle is pretty high and mighty?

Plain Old Mack and His Plain Old Stone
Mack smiles contentedly from the very stone that wasn't good enough for Yertle. Now ain't that something?

Um, What?
Hey, who knew there were other birds in the sky, and how dare they be pretty?

Birds = Great Thumb Twiddlers.
How long is Uncle Dake going to have sit here and listen to Getrude's tantrums? No wonder the poor guy gives in.

A Feathery Tuchas, Hooray!
And feathers did sprout from the one called Gertrude's bum, and the world did rejoice.

With a Zang! And a Zing!
Houston, we have tail. A ridiculous, overweight, impractical tail.

We're Breaking Our Beaks Here, Lady
Why it stinks to be a good bird who follows the rules: you get (literally) roped into schlepping around self-centered, vain birds like Gertrude.

Self-Acceptance Is Accepting
What a cute little tail that Gertrude's got. Shake it like a polaroid picture, sister!

Kick Those Feet up, You Hard Worker, You
La-di-da. Rabbit is just minding his own business… and being awesome while he does it.

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better
No you can't! Yes I can. No you can't! Yes I can.

With My Nifty Hearing Abilities…
…watch me completely invent a story about what it's possible for me to perceive.

You See?
The rabbit is almost as big as a mountain as he shows off his ability to spot nuclear radiation from a faraway mountain.

Not So Fast, Fellas
This old worm has got lenses bigger than a telescope, and he's about to show you what's what.

Aaaaand you're vanquished.

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