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Yet Do I Marvel

Yet Do I Marvel


by Countee Cullen

Yet Do I Marvel Resources


The Cullen Report

You can count on this link to give you everything you want to know about Cullen's life and work. Marvel away.

Yet Do We Marvel at Countee Cullen's Genius

Another short bio and links to great poems by the man, the myth, the Harlem Renaissance superstar, Countee Cullen.

Still Singing After All These Years

All you ever wanted to know about Countee Cullen and a list of links from the Song of America website.


How many CC's do you need for a shot at poetic inspiration?

Check out this short video with some great shots of Cullen, and animated analysis of one of his poems to boot.

Easy Listening

Some chilled out tunes and a choral solo with images to accompany the lyric master's poem.


Not Countee's Voice But Countee's Words

A short reading and copy of "Yet Do I Marvel" with a stellar pic of the poet to finish things off. It's almost like listening to the man himself. Almost.


Countee in the Trees

Here's the poet all grown up, looking dapper in the shade.

Cullen the Young

Check out Countee back in day when he was just beginning his brilliant career.

Articles and Interviews

Q and A From Back in the Day

Breeze through this short interview with Countee from the wayback days.


The Original Hardcover

Get your very own first edition of Color, original home of "Yet Do I Marvel."

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