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Zeus (Jupiter)

Zeus (Jupiter)

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Zeus (Jupiter) Photos

    Zeus Ruling
    Here I am, ruling. That chick in the front is HOT. I forget her name. [Fresco by Domenico Beccafumi, c. 1524-1525.]

    Leda and the Swan
    I'm seducing Leda as a swan. One of my best conquests, and one of my best disguises. [Painting by Cesare da Sesto, 1515-1520, copy of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.]

    Leda Admiring the Swan
    She just can't get enough of me. [Painting by Tony Robert-Fleury, late 1800s.]

    Zeus Seducing Io
    I was a CLOUD. A freaking CLOUD! Come on, that’s good. [Painting by Correggio, 1530.]

    Zeus and Europa
    That was such a fun day. The water was really warm. I'm the bull, by the way. [Painting by Noël-Nicolas Coypel, 1726-1727.]

    Zeus and Hera
    I do love the butterfly kiss. [Painting by James Barry, 1790-1799.]

    Zeus and Thetis
    Hee hee. Stop playing with my beard, honeybun. [Painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1811.]

    Zeus and an Eagle
    Me and Frank, my eagle. [Painting on a cup, c. 560 BC.]

    Zeus with Thunderbolt
    Heck yes, thunderbolt. [Statue from 2nd century AD, arm and thunderbolt added by Pierre Granier, in France, in 1686.]

    Zeus in a Fountain
    Here I am throwing thunderbolts from a fountain! Watch out! [Fountain in the Czech Republic. Photo by Michal Maňas.]

    Portrait of Zeus
    I'm getting the model treatment here. Check out my windblown hair. [Engraving, 1597.]