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The 1950s Images

The Campaign

Eisenhower campaigning for the presidency in 1952.

Two World Leaders

Eisenhower and Khrushchev pose at Camp David during the Soviet leader's 1959 visit to America.

Elvis Arrives

Elvis Presley excites crowds at a fair in his hometown, Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1956.

The Hydrogen Bomb

The first test of a hydrogen bomb in April 1952. The ominous mushroom cloud of nuclear destruction haunted citizens of the Fifties.

A Taste of Freedom

In 1956 Hungarian nationalists, encouraged by the United States, revolted against Soviet domination, pulling down a statue of dictator Joseph Stalin. The rebellion was quickly crushed by Soviet tanks and troops.

Somebody Should Do Something

Herblock cartoon criticizes Eisenhower inaction on civil rights.

The U-2

Flying at an altitude of 15 miles, this fast, light spy plane carried high-tech cameras for recording images on the grounds. When the Soviets shot one down in 1960, Eisenhower's hope of a significant Cold War breakthrough evaporated.

Nixon in Venezuela

A mob in Caracas vented their anger against the U.S. by attacking Vice President Nixon's motorcade in 1958. They smashed the windows of his limo and almost overturned it before he escaped.

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