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The 1950s Websites

The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum

This is a good place to start for information on Eisenhower. You can read documents from his presidency, access an Eisenhower chronology, and listen to presidential addresses. The site will tell you everything about Ike, from his family tree to his pets (a parakeet and a Weimaraner named Heidi).

The Eisenhower Presidential Papers.

When he sat down in the Oval Office the day after being inaugurated, President Eisenhower confided in his journal, "My first day at President's Desk. Plenty of worries and difficult problems." By reading Ike's personal thoughts, letters and other writings you can gain an intimate view of a president at work.

The Cold War Museum

This site gives accounts of many of the most important events of the Cold War. The section on the fifties covers the Eisenhower years, including articles about the overthrow of the Iranian government, the Formosa Straits tensions, and the U-2 crisis

Rewind the Fifties

Check out the hairstyles, music, dance, slang, and a good deal more about the popular culture of the Fifties.

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