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Aegir's Wall


Thinking I should audition to be on this show. My dinner parties would blow those Anglo-Saxons out of the water!

You do know how to throw a suh-weet party, dude. All that mead! All those grilled oxen!

Maybe I'll be your competition. My parties have received rave reviews from everybody, too.

@Frigg: Agreed. @Thor: Yeah, remind me to throw an extra ox or two on the grill the next time you're invited.


Dad, Hefring took my new seaweed bikini and wore it to the beach. Now it's got sand all over it!


It's seaweed, you melon-head. What do you expect?

I'm finding it very hard to care about this, girls. Ask your mother.


Hefring, we talked about this. You can't borrow your sisters' things without asking permission. You're on boat-barnacle duty for the rest of this week, young lady.


My lord, I'm afraid we don't have a cauldron big enough to hold the mead necessary for a party for two hundred. What should I do?

Hmmm. In that case, we may have to cancel. We certainly can't have a party without mead!

Oh no, you can't cancel! I've been looking forward to this party for weeks. I was planning to wear my new feather-dress!


Hey, my dad, Hymir, has a cauldron a mile wide. Would that be big enough?

Definitely! Do you think he'd let us borrow it, though?


We can always ask.

Or use other forms of persuasion…


My dear, the dolphins have been complaining that the sea lions are eating all their fish. I think you might need to make a special visit to deal with this.

Blast, not again! My schedule's all booked up with the sea gull mediation next week.

I can handle this one if you want, Aegir.

That'd be awesome, Njord. Thanks!

No problem. I was looking for an excuse to try out my new boat anyway.

Dude, I'm bored. How about you throw us a party?

Oooh, seconded!

I must admit, I'm always up for a shindig! But my wife and servants were pretty steamed about all the clean-up from the last one. You guys spilled mead all over the floor.

We'll be good this time! Promise!

Oh, all right. It doesn't take much to convince me, LOL.

Sweet! I'm going shopping for a new dress!

Shout-out to Frigg for a wonderful dinner party last night! I had a great time chatting with Bragi. He taught me all about the origins of poetry.

Yeah, he'll do that for ya.

Well, it is my job, after all!

Glad you enjoyed it, Aegir. Next time we'll roast a pig.

I'm there!

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