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Aeneas Sightings

  • The Iliad by Homer 800BC

    In this epic poem, you'll get the scoop on Aeneas' Trojan War days, as he dukes it out with Diomedes and many other dudes.

  • The Aeneid by Virgil 29BC - 19BC

    If you don't know the Aeneid, then you don't know Aeneas. Read all about all the crazy stuff Aeneas had to do to get from Troy to Italy in this epic poem.

  • Metamorphoses by Ovid 2

    In this epic work, Ovid gives you his version of Aeneas' trip to the Underworld, war with Turnus, and all that fun stuff.

  • The Inferno by Dante Alighieri 1400

    According to Dante, Aeneas chills out in the Limbo section of Hell, which is apparently pretty nice for Hell.

  • The Tragedy of Dido Queen of Carthage by Christopher Marlowe 1594

    We almost guarantee you that you'll never be in a relationship as horribly doomed as Dido and Aeneas'. (You can definitely read about it.)

  • Dido and Aeneas 1688

    Yet another retelling of the tragic love story, this time as an English baroque opera.

  • Thor 1966

    Aeneas shows up as a character in this comic book, when the god of thunder takes a trip to Troy.

  • Aeneas: Virgil's Epic Retold for Young Readers 1986

    Yeah, this is pretty much what it sounds like.

  • Troy 2004

    As Troy burns around them, Paris gives Aeneas the Priam's sword and tells him to carry on the honor of their royal line. (Tissues required).

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