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After Apple-Picking

After Apple-Picking


by Robert Frost

After Apple-Picking Resources


On "After Apple-Picking"

Excerpts of brief critical analyses of the poem by respected scholars.

Robert Frost (1874-1963)

A useful collection of sites devoted to literary criticism and biographical information about Frost.

Poetry Foundation: Robert Frost

A wide selection of Frost's poems and a good biography on the poet.


Frost Documentary

A scene from a documentary about Frost, including footage of the poet speaking.

Mr. T Picks Apples

Well, there's no video of Robert Frost picking apples, so here's a video of Conan O'Brien and Mr. T spending a day at an orchard.


Robert Frost Out Loud

Audio recordings and texts of Frost's poetry, including a reading of "After Apple-Picking."

Robert Frost Reads

Hear how Frost read "After Apple-Picking."


Time Portrait

Frost on the cover of Time magazine.

Frost on the Farm

A photo of the elderly Robert Frost at his farm. Where are the apples?


An image of an apple orchard, with a "two-pointed ladder" that has round rungs like the one described in the poem.

Historical Documents

North of Boston
The first edition of North of Boston, as it appeared to readers in 1915.


Robert Frost: A Life, by Jay Parini

Noted poetry professor and Frost-o-phile Jay Parini recently published an acclaimed biography of the poet.

The Notebooks of Robert Frost

Frost's notebooks weren't published during his lifetime, but they now provide us with juicy details about his writing process, life, and philosophy.

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