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Ajax's Wall



Coming home soon?

Just doing a couple more sets at the gym.


Ajax! If you get any bigger, you won't be able to fit through the door.

So we'll get a new door.

Ajax the Lesser

Hey man, got your mail again.

So annoying...

Ajax the Lesser

Yeah, I don't know why it's so confusing for them.

Give the messengers a break, fellas. You guys do have the same name.


No we don't. He's Ajax "the Lesser." What's so hard about that?

Ajax the Lesser

Yeah, about that...


Ajax the Lesser

Why do I have to be "the Lesser"?

Do you really want me to spell that out in public?

Ajax the Lesser

Go for it.

I'm big. You're kind of small. I'm famous. You... not so much.

Ajax the Lesser

Hey, I'm famous!

With who? For what?

Ajax the Lesser

I was said to be quite fleet of foot.

Yeah, see, that's just not the kind of thing people get excited about.

Ajax the Lesser

Whatever, you're just famous because you acted like a spoiled brat when Odysseus got Achilles' armor instead of you.

I think I'll come over and get that mail. Now.



Great bout yesterday, Ajax.

Another draw! Nuts. You're pretty tough for a little guy.

One of these days, one of us has to beat the other.

Yeah, and it'll be me, lol.

We'll see about that one, buddy.

What a disgusting love fest. Ajax, you are a serious traitor, consorting with a Trojan.

This Trojan has more honor in his pinky finger than you ever dreamed of having.

Don't let them get to you, Ajax.

How exactly does one have an honorable pinky? Just asking?

You really don't want to get smart with me, Odysseus.

We should have never let him have a proper burial. Then we wouldn't have to share Elysium with his kind.

You know it was the right thing to do, Agamemnon. That's why I argued for Ajax to be buried properly. Don't forget that, Ajax!

What do you want? A cookie?

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