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Amun's Wall


is having an identity crisis.


:'( I'm shedding tears for you

Aten's just bitter because he was only popular for, like, ten minutes. What's the matter, hon?

It's complicated. I feel like there are at least three people living in my head.


That might literally be true for you .


You did kind of... absorb me.

It's not like I *asked* for any of this! Holy cow. This is the last time I share anything personal online…

Hey Amun! You rang?

Oh shoot, did I accidentally tag you there? My bad, Hath. I mean "holy cow" as a figure of speech.

Oh, haha. np. :) feel betterrrrrr


Dude, Amun, the weather is AMAZING today. We gotta get out and do something.

I was literally just texting you the exact same thing.


Our minds are linked!

*high five!* It's almost like we're one person.

I bet $10 you're sitting in the same room right now.


They totally are. This communal housing thing is kind of overrated.


No way. It's the best.

@Mut: love you, boo.

checked in at Opet Pre-Party in Karnak

Oh shoot, is it Opet Fest time already?

Yup. Getting ready for the ride to Luxor. Mut's getting all prettied up and meeting me on the boat.

Priest of Amun

The acrobats are going to be so good this year.

Sweet. We just got a new home theater set-up down here in the Underworld. I love watching parades with surround sound.

High Priest Hori

Your holiness, we have a bunch of mortals over here asking for favors. What time are you going to be here?

Ugh. Sorry. I'm still looking for my hat. How does a 6-foot hat get lost?


Did you check under the bed, honey?

Yes. And the front closet and the dining room table. Okay Hori, I'm hustling, I promise. I'll just grab my Upper Egypt crown today. Tell them I'll be there in 5.

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