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AP® European History (2014-2015)

Come Versailles away.

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History may repeat itself, but that doesn't mean the College Board has to. The fine folks in AP Land have updated the AP European History exam—and we've followed suit here at Shmoop HQ. You've found yourself at our "vintage" AP Euro test prep; now head on over to our upgraded test prep so you can be sure you're working with the most up-to-date materials. You'll get a diagnostic, drills, practice exams, and more review than you can tack angrily on a church door.

Oh, you want to know why the College Board went and switched things up on you? Well, they got feedback that the exam needed more specificity—so instead of YOU MUST KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING, things are a little more focused now, and you can be sure you're studying the right stuff. Plus, there's more emphasis on "thematic understandings" and "historical thinking skills," because they're fancy like that.

Just in case you were getting a little too excited, though: DBQs are still a thing.

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