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Apollo and Daphne Photos

    Famous Sculpture by Bernini
    This is probably the most famous sculpture of Apollo and Daphne. We can see why – it’s amazing. [Sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1622-1625.]

    Apollo Chases Daphne with His Lyre
    Roots and branches begin to trap Daphne's legs. [Painting by John William Waterhouse, 1908.]

    Daphne's Arms Transform
    A 15th-century artist takes a shot at the Apollo and Daphne myth. [Painting by Antonio del Pollaiuolo, late 1400s.]

    Apollo and Daphne in the Park
    A super-modern sculpture of our favorite almost-couple. [Sculpture by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Scotland. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user yellow book ltd, 2007.]

    Apollo Chasing Daphne
    Onlookers watch as Daphne transforms.[Painting by Carlo Maratta, 1681.]

    Apollo and Daphne Dressed in Red
    They're wearing matching outfits. How cute. [Painting by Robert Lefèvre, c. 1810.]

    The Chase in a Landscape
    "Daphne! I love you!" "Leave me ALONE!" [Painting by Francesco Albani, c. 1615-1625.]

    Apollo and Daphne on a Plate
    The chase is depicted on a decorated plate. [Decorated plate from Urbino, Italy, 16th century. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2010.]

    The Transformation Begins
    Here, only the tips of Daphne's fingers have begun to change. [Painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1744.]

    Apollo Sings About Daphne
    Look closely – Daphne seems to be transforming in the background. [Painting by Dosso Dossi, 1524.]

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