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Ares (Mars)'s Wall


Me and Aphrodite kickin' it all night tonight.


Not if I have anything to say about it.

You don't own me!

I'll kill you Hepher.


Bite me.


Hey Dad, thanks for the new spears. They're totally lethal.

You're welcome, my Amazon.

Why do you insist on starting pointless wars?

RAAAAAAAAAAAAA! We all know who the real god of war is.

Yes, we do.


Dear Lord Ares, I want to start a food fight in my school cafeteria. Can you help?

I hate mortals. Lucky for you, I love food fights. Make sure you get lots of honey, and maybe I'll help.


Anything you say, Lord Ares!

Hi pooh bear <3 <3 <3

Hi bunny. Have you listened to my mix tape yet?

Yes, it's AMAZING. I blasted it in my chariot today. Did you listen to mine?

Of course.

Don't you just loooove Justin Timberlake?



Hey man, are we joy-riding tonight? I got firecrackers.

I'm going home tonight.


Are you serious?

Yeah. Want to come with?


And get ignored by your family? No thanks.

We are expecting you for family dinner tonight. Your father wants to speak with you.

No, he doesn't. He hates me. Besides, I've got a war to start.

Ares, don't make your father angrier. Come home. We'll feed you, and you can do your laundry.

I do need to do some laundry.

Wonderful! See you at 6.

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