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As You Like It Resources

Movie or TV Productions

As You Like It (1936)

A British production starring Laurence Olivier in his first Shakespearean role for the big screen.

As You Like It (1963)

A TV version of the play made in the UK, starring Vanessa Redgrave.

As You Like It (1992)

Another British production. This one was directed by Christine Edzard and placed the action in modern London, with the Court of France as a flashy office block and the "forest" as the dirty bank of the Thames. Lords are homeless bums, and reviews are mixed.

As You Like It (2006)

Check out Kenneth Branagh's 2006 production. This one, though, is set in 19th-century Japan during the opening of the nation to the West.


1936 Film Clip

Laurence Olivier as Orlando in the 1936 production of the film.

Shakespeare Animated Tales

Watch the BBC's animated version of the play.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company Does As You Like It

Watch the RSC condense all of Shakespeare's comedies (including As You Like It) into a performance lasting about three minutes. 

Scene from the 1978 Movie

Helen Mirren (from The Queen and also a killer actress in general) as Rosalind in a 1978 TV production.

Movie Trailer

The movie trailer for the 2006 film, set in Japan.


The Barenaked Ladies do As You Like It

Check out this Barenaked Ladies version of "Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind" (Act 2, Scene 7).


Listen to actor Sam Gregory as Jaques in As You Like It. (Scroll down and select from the audio files on the right.)

As You Like It Goes to Japan

Great NPR podcast about Kenneth Branagh's 2006 film adaptation of As You Like It (set in Japan), featuring an interview with the director and actors.

Speak the Speech: As You Like It

Stream the full radio play, performed with a full cast.



Artist Robert Walker Macbeth's Rosalind (1888).

Seven Ages of Man

Engraving of William Mulready's Seven Ages of Man (1838).


"Variations on a Theme of Love"

This is a general introduction to thinking about the context of As You Like It and how it fits within Shakespeare's complete works. This paper definitely hits a lot of the major points of characters and critical issues (language, gender, etc.), but is unique in its discussion of the different types of comedic styles that were cropping up around the time Shakespeare was working on this play.

Complete Online Text of the Play

Open Source Shakespeare's full online text of the play, with optional views to see either individual bits or the entire thing as a scrollable document in one fell swoop.  The most interesting feature is definitely the listing option to see all the lines of individual characters, which is a cool (but jarring) exercise.

Shakespeare's Major Literary Source for As You Like It

Check out Thomas Lodge's Rosalynd or, Euphues' Golden Legacy (1590) on Google Books.


The Royal Shakespeare Company: As You Like It

The Royal Shakespeare Company's compact and interesting site on As You Like It, centered on their 2011 production of the play.

PBS Shakespeare

PBS's site devoted to its own investigation of Shakespeare. There's great background stuff on Shakespeare in general and a very helpful aggregation of Shakespearean words and historically relevant information, if that's your cup of tea.

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