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Atlas's Wall


Wishing Zeus might reconsider this nasty job he's given me.

It's not a job. It's a punishment.


Ah, come on son. Atlas is a good kid.

Don't complain, Dad, or I'll throw you back into Tartarus.

It doesn't make any sense. Kronos ate you, and now you let him chill in the Elysians. I was only being loyal to my king.


He does have a point…

Look, somebody has to hold up the sky, alright?

Heracles did a nice job of it when he took over for a little while…

Leave me out of this!

Wishing the sky would get in shape. I'm getting winded here!


What are you trying to say?

I'm just saying a little yoga couldn't hurt.


☹ It's true. Ever since Gaia had Kronos take my, um, manhood, I've gotten huge.

Well, get a handle on it. I'm dying here!

I don't know why the Pleiades don't ever come by and visit their dear old dad.


We'll come by soon, pops.


Fo shizzle. We're just busy hanging with Artemis.


How about me?

Absolutely not.


You're still mad about that whole Zeus thing?

You had a kid with him! The guy that stuck me here…

Come on, Gramps, what would the world be like without me?

Don't call me Gramps.

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