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Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers


by Adrienne Rich

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Resources


The Reviews Are In

Check out what some poetry experts have to say about "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers."

Adrienne Rich? Meet William Blake

Adrienne Rich isn't the only poet with a thing for tigers.

Classic Inspiration

Rich may have drawn inspiration from this classic poem about art and immortality.


Woah. Just… Woah.

Here's a very… original video interpretation of the poem. You have to see it to believe it.

Tribute Now!

Here's a great introduction to Rich's poetry and activism by the media outlet Democracy Now!

Rich Reads

Check her out!


Tigers Aloud

Listen to a lively reading of the poem here.

"What Kind of Times Are These?"

Listen as an older Rich reads this poem.


The Writer @ Work

Here's a very young Rich at her writing desk.

Pensive, with Books

Here's a young Adrienne Rich.

Rich's Mona Lisa Smile

What do you know that we don't, Ms. Rich?

Articles and Interviews

"Towering Reputation and Towering Rage"

Here's Rich's obituary in The New York Times

From the Poet's Mouth

Check out this interview with Rich.


Collected Early Poems

Read "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" here!

The Dream of a Common Language

Here's our favorite collection by Ms. Rich.

On Secrets, Lies, and Silence

Start here if you're interested in Rich's prose.

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