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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures


by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures Resources


The Source of the Magic

The official website for the Caster Chronicles has all the news you could ever want about two teenage lovebirds. But be careful of spoiler alerts!

Margie's Musings

Want to know more about the Beautiful brain? Head over to Margaret Stohl's blog. We'll wait here for you to come back.

Kami's Comments

She's more than just half of the Beautiful Creatures dream team. Find out more about what Kami Garcia is up to from her own personal blog.

For Fangirls and Boys

Castergirls.com is the go-to fansite for everything Beautiful.

Movie or TV Productions

Box Office Hit

Beautiful Creatures hit the big screen in 2013.

Historical Information

A Battle Between the States

Ethan's ancestor fought in the Battle of Wilderness. Turns out it's a real thing, and now you can check out how it went down.

If These Stonewalls Could Talk

The name of Ethan's high school might sound familiar. Read the biography of the Confederate general after whom Ethan's high school was named. We wish we had that kind of nickname. Any suggestions?


Rock On

"Sixteen Moons" comes to (creepy) life in this music video. Is this how you imagined it would sound?


Mood Music

Check out these free podcasts of author interviews and the song "Sixteen Moons," in both "moody" and "rock" flavors. That's kind of how we'd describe Lena: moody rock.

"Cool" Song

The song that Ethan is singing in 9.14, by "that Georgian songwriter [his] mom loved" (9.14.80), was written by Johnny Mercer, who also wrote "Moon River." Listen to it here.


Fresh Faces

What do you think—does Jack O'Connell match your vision of Ethan?

Caster Casted

Alice Englert better invest in some green contacts.

A Grave Statement

Lena uses Charles Bukowski's epitaph as her motto. See it for yourself. It's a cute little thing… for a grave. Thanks, findagrave.com!

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