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Biogeography Resources


NASA Knows Biomes

From NASA, play games to learn your biomes. Caution: Might be a little hokey.

Whoa, Volcanoes

NOAA's vents program does research on underwater seismic activity, including earthquakes, volcanoes and hydrothermal vents.

Turtles, Anyone?

Read more about Galapagos biodiversity from the Galapagos conservancy.

Cal Also Knows Biomes

More about biomes from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

Global Warming: Winners and Losers

Here's a National Geographic slideshow about winners and losers among animals in the fight against changing climate.

The Philippines via Chicago

The Philippines have really high species diversity that scientists are still discovering.

Sky Islands

Read about sky islands in the southwestern U.S. and northwest Mexico here.


Viruses Like Biogeography, Too

We talked mostly about plants and animals here, but the biogeography of viruses is interesting, too. And deadly.

Cold Weather Crustaceans

Check out how these Arctic crustaceans are getting by without ice.

Listen to This

Science Friday Talks Tree Rings

Tree rings can tell us about fires that happened in the past, and how climate has changed over time. Hear about it from Science Friday.

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