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Biology Introduction

Biology Introduction

What is Biology?

Biology is the study of life. As if you haven’t heard that line a hundred times before. But, Biology doesn’t stop there; you will find an amazing variety of topics and ideas on Planet Bio. Here is a little taste of what we will be investigating:
  • What, exactly, does it mean to be alive? Personally, we would have a hard time imagining a life where we didn't have the ability to kick virtual butt on our PS3s, but peonies and pandas might disagree.
  • How do living things "work"? What makes them tick? Or chirp, or bark, or bray? (Sorry.)
  • How do living things reproduce and grow? Awkward lesson on the birds and the bees, coming right up…
  • How do living things interact with each other? Do they friend each other and like each other's statuses? Probably not.
  • Where did life come from, and how has it changed over time? We're talking about more than just the rise and fall and rise again of parachute pants.
From the beginning (where else would this bad boy start?)…

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