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Bright Star, would I were stedfast as thou art

Bright Star, would I were stedfast as thou art


by John Keats

Bright Star, would I were stedfast as thou art Resources


The Life and Work of John Keats

This website contains texts of Keats poems and letters, images of his manuscripts, images of the poet and his family and friends, and much other useful information. Highly recommended by Shmoop.


Your one-stop information shop for all things John Keats.


Some guy reading "Bright Star"

It's always good to hear several different readings of a poem.

Keats's poem "Ode to Autumn"

This isn't "Bright Star," but it gives a window into Keats's incredible artistry. The person reading the poem is a poet himself, the American writer Stanley Plumly.

Keats's poem "Ode to Autumn"

Once again, it isn't "Bright Star," but this great poem shows you Keats's range. This time, the poem is being read by the American scholar and critic Helen Vendler.


Portrait of John Keats

This portrait of Keats was made by his friend, Joseph Severn, in 1819.

Lifemask of John Keats

This is a plaster cast of Keats's face made while he was alive.

Deathmask of John Keats

This is a plaster cast of Keats's face made shortly after his death.

Historical Documents

Fair Copy of "Bright Star" in Keats's Hand

This is a copy of the poem that Keats wrote out himself.

Letters by John Keats

In addition to being one of the greatest English poets, John Keats was also one of the greatest English letter writers. You can read a selection of his letters to friends and family here.


This book, first published in 1979, remains one of the classic biographies of Keats. We at Shmoop highly recommend it.

Coming of age as a poet: Milton, Keats, Eliot, Plath, by Helen Vendler

This book by the American literary critic Helen Vendler contains a chapter on the development of Keats as an artist. The chapter focuses on Keats's use of the sonnet form – the same form as "Bright Star."

The Odes of John Keats, by Helen Vendler

This book explores in detail what are often considered Keats's greatest poems, the series of "Odes" he wrote towards the end of his brief life.

Movies and TV

Bright Star, 2009

This recent film focuses on the love story between John Keats and his fiancée, Fanny Brawne.

La belle dame sans merci, 2005

This film is based on another poem by John Keats. You can read the poem here, and learn more about the movie through the above link.

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