4th Grade Social Studies Teacher Course

From Shmoop to shining Shmoop.

We all know America's origin story: Europeans planting their flag on Native American land; the 13 colonies breaking up with England; the Civil War dividing the country and leading to soldiers that glowed in the dark. But, uh, how did we get from breeches-wearing, tea-drinking colonists to burger-eating, football-watching Americans?

That's where 4th Grade Social Studies comes in. Shmoop's standards-aligned curriculum gives students the skinny on all the different regions in the U.S. and how the country functions on the federal level. We'll not only talk about how the U.S. came to be, but also about how Americans rep where they're from today and participate in the nation.

Cue: bald eagles and the Star-Spangled Banner.

Each lesson in our themed units features Warm Ups, Direct Instruction, and Guided and Independent Practice, along with an engaging script, worksheets, assessments, answer keys, and videos to boot. As if the awesomeness wasn't already apparent, students will also read and analyze a variety of primary and secondary texts—everything from Lewis and Clark's expedition journals to David Bouchard's poetic tribute to the Midwest, If You're Not From the Prairie.

So if you want your students to become pros at critical thinking, expository writing, giving presentations, analyzing maps, and crafting arguments through a historical lens, you've come to the right place.

All that's missing from our course, basically, is you. 

And a bald eagle eating a hamburger. But who knows—after using our course, that just might be possible.

What's in Shmoop's Elementary Curriculum?

These are year-long elementary courses with 90-day-long semesters, made up of themed, standards-aligned units. You can follow the course verbatim in its day-by-day progression, or cherry-pick specific lessons by previewing the curriculum maps and seeing which standards, skills, or texts you'd most like to teach. Courses also include teacher scripts, differentiation and extension, videos, worksheets, and answer keys.

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