4th Grade Math Teacher Course

The math must go on.

Fourth grade…that glorious year in which Papa Shmoop got his first vinyl record. The record was…huge and bulky, which is why we now have HD-sound capable phones. But not even HD-sound capable phones can hold a candle to live music. Live music is more than music. It's lights doing cool things. It's an awesome stage. It's music with a slant. It's corny jokes between songs. It's magic. And for this Shmoopy fourth grade course, setting up a live show is the perfect challenge to give math students. 

This course is composed of concert-planning themed units. Your young Bill Grahams and Don Kings will

  • comparing seating arrangements at different venues using area models to multiply and divide whole numbers. 
  • use writing, rounding, comparing, and computing decimals to determine artist fees, venue costs, and supply prices 
  • analyze the effects of different ticket prices on their bottom line using fractions
  • design both the stage and the marketing materials using measurement and fourth grade geometry concepts

Each lesson in our units features Warm Ups, Direct Instruction, and Guided and Independent Practice, along with worksheets, assessments, answer keys, and videos to boot. Did we mention there is explicit instruction (think: engaging script) too?

We have everything you need to help your students rock out with math in the real world of entertainment, plus Common Core standard-alignment to boot.

The only thing students won't learn? How to stage dive while performing an epic guitar solo. That's another course.

What's in Shmoop's Math Elementary Curriculum?

These are year-long project based elementary courses with 90-day-long semesters, made up of themed, Common Core-aligned units. You can follow the course verbatim in its day-by-day progression, or cherry-pick specific lessons by previewing the curriculum maps and seeing which standards, skills, or texts you'd most like to teach. Courses also include teacher scripts, differentiation and extension activities, videos, worksheets, and answer keys.

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