5th Grade Math Teacher Course

The money-makin' side of math.

Pop quiz: what do all these ideas have in common?

  • An app that will get you a ride to wherever you want.
  • A business that delivers food straight to your door.
  • An app that alerts you whenever there's bacon nearby.

Answer: They're all wildly successful startup businesses. Well, except for that last one….

In our 5th Grade Math course, students work through some serious math as they map out a business plan to launch their own brilliant business dreams. Following fifth grade Common Core standards, students will use decimals, fractions, geometry, and graphs to create a business model, project profits, analyze costs, set pricing, forecast growth, generate marketing materials, and prepare for instant financial success.

And then, of course, donate millions to you. Okay, probably not, but it could happen.

What you’re certain to get, though, is a comprehensive, year-long project that will cover all of your students' fifth grade math requirements.

Each lesson in our themed units features Warm Ups, Direct Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice, along with worksheets, assessments, answer keys, and videos to boot. Through the course, students will get a balance of skills-based instruction and project-based learning built around the Common Core and tailored for the budding business barons in your life.

Add it all up and you'll have yourself a class of fifth grade math pros—and maybe even a couple of future business tycoons.

What's in Shmoop's Math Elementary Curriculum?

This is a year-long project-based elementary course with 90-day-long semesters, made up of themed, Common Core-aligned units. You can follow the course verbatim in its day-by-day progression, or cherry-pick specific lessons by previewing the curriculum maps and seeing which standards, skills, or texts you'd most like to teach. Courses also include teacher scripts, differentiation and extension activities, videos, worksheets, and answer keys.

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