Animal Farm

More Putin puns than you could ever imagine.

Animal Farm is about violent pigs, traitorous dogs, dim-witted cows, and plenty of other four-legged walking, talking metaphors. This 1945 British novel is a pretty straightforward allegory where each animal represents a different cog in the rickety European political machine, which means this course is all about interdisciplinarity.

In our course, you'll complete creative readings, activities, and projects in order to examine all the tricks George Orwell crammed into his 100 muck-raking pages. That means you'll

  • get a crash course in economics and politics. 
  • be hit over the head with allegory. (Turns out you can write whatever cruel gossip you want by just having a cat or dog say it.)
  • finally learn what irony really means. (Alanis Morissette not included.)
  • be able to join the club of People Who Name Drop Marxism.

In short, you'll instantly become way better at both literary analysis and political philosophy. Warning: side effects may include suddenly wearing a monocle and talking about "the common man."

Here's a sneak peek at a video from the course. BYOP (bring your own popcorn).

Unit Breakdown

  1. Animal Farm - Animal Farm

    1 book. 15 lessons. 105 communist-based puns. This unit will walk you through the complicated world of George Orwell's Animal Farm, sty-smell not included.

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