5th Grade Grammar

Commas and Greek affixes? Sign us up.

If there's one thing everyone loves, it's grammar.


Uh, maybe. But never fear—Shmoop's 5th Grade Grammar Course is here to save the day. This course covers every single 5th-grade Common Core language standard in fifteen action-packed lessons. 

It all revolves around one spy story, and it covers

  • parts of speech, like conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections
  • verb tenses
  • capitalization and punctuation conventions
  • commas, commas, commas, and commas
  • citing book and article titles
  • references like dictionaries
  • etymology
  • roots, prefixes, and suffixes
  • signal words to help decode unfamiliar words
  • context clues
  • figurative language and idioms
  • transition words that sound college-worthy
  • and much more. (Trust us.)

So join us in helping Shmoop Spy Agency in our fight against villains who refuse to believe that grammar can be fun, useful, and—dare we say it? yes, we dare—enjoyable. 

Grab your cloak of invisibility and your pocket thesaurus. It’s time to get grammaring.

Unit Breakdown

  1. 5th Grade Grammar - Shmoop Spy Agency: Saving Grammar, One Word At A Time

    This Common Core-aligned 5th Grade Grammar Course covers each of the year's language standards without any yawns. It emphasizes creative use of skills, terminology, conventions, and vocabulary. And did we mention there are secret agents involved?

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