Financial Literacy

The fun never dividends.

Being an adult is a drag. But you know what's worse than wearing mom jeans? Having no money to finance your adult life. Thankfully, our course will help you afford jeans of any cut. Shmoop's Financial Literacy course is an introduction to the financial concepts every (soon-to-be) adult needs to know and will give you what you need to go from high school to high society.

In our activities and lesson plans, we'll cover

  • the basics of investing, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs and other important investment topics.
  • how compounded interest works.
  • why retirement is a beast you'll need to (and can) conquer, and how IRAs and 401(k)s are your best weapons for victory.
  • opportunity costs, including the opportunity cost of one of the top expenses in a person's life: college.
  • how mortgages work, including the benefits of buying versus renting.
  • how to create a budget plan for your life.

This course is the sequel to our more basic course, Personal Finance 101.

Unit Breakdown

  1. Financial Literacy - Financial Literacy

    This course goes beyond the basics of Personal Finance into the Big Three Things that adults must think about: investing, retirement, and home ownership.

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