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Chiron's Wall


Young master Achilles should have taken the danger inherent in his heel a bit more seriously.


Well, that's kind of obvious, isn't it Mr. C?

Sometimes the most obvious things are also the most easily overlooked.


Still teaching, huh?

I can't seem to help myself.


I wish you wouldn't lecture via your wall. It's a little embarrassing.

When one experiences embarrassment, one has also discovered a way in which he may grow.


There you go again…


How's it going up in the sky, Mr. C?

It's quite beautiful. Thank you, my boy.


You guys have wifi up there?

There are a plentiful number of satellites in orbit, and so I have many signals to choose from.



How are things down in Elysium?


Pretty chill, except Medea keeps stalking me.

You should have been kinder to her, lad.


Seriously, do you know all the messed up stuff she did?

Love often destroys the things it creates.

Hey Mr. C, sorry again about that whole Hydra-poisoned arrow thing.

Think nothing of it, my child.

Normally, I'm a much better shot.

It was written in the stars. Even you, with all your strength, cannot fight the will of the Fates.

Can you believe it was the same venom that eventually killed me?

Yes, I heard that. After you shot my cousin Nessus, and your wife inadvertently poisoned you with his Hydra-tainted blood…

Man, I killed two centaurs. I just put that together. I hope you don't think I have anything against your race. It wasn't a hate crime or anything.

Nessus was a brute. The brutal often die through brutal means.


You died from the same poison I did, so don't go acting like you're above everyone else.

Shut up, Nessus. Don't go talking junk to Mr. C.


We will mess you up.


For reals.

Boys, boys... let him simmer in his own ill will.

That punk can't talk to you like that.

Let him talk. By doing so, he reveals his own ignorance.


Yeah, how's that?

Well, you're quite wrong, dear cousin. These days I gallop among the stars. I am quite literally "above everyone else."

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