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Circe's Wall


Witches of the World Conference tonight. I hope everybody can make it.

Of course! Thanks for hosting on Aeaea this year.

My pleasure, goddess.

Hey Hecate, you think I can get a ride up from the Underworld?

Oh, I'm not sure if Lord Hades will allow it, dear. I think only living witches and immortal ones, like myself and Circe, will be allowed to attend.

Come on, you can pull some strings, right? Just because I'm dead, doesn't mean I don't still have the stuff.

Look Medea, what Hecate is too polite to say is that nobody wants you around.


Hey, I'm your aunt. I owe you the truth.

But I'm one of the most famous sorceresses of all time!

Sure, but you killed your own kids, your own brother and more. You just give us a bad name.

You cleansed me for killing my brother!

Yeah, maybe I should have thought a little harder about that one.

One day I will eat you.

Please, don't be so melodramatic.

You turned me into a horrible monster!

You stole my man.

I didn't even like Glaucus!

Well, he liked you.

It's not fair, what you did to me!

Who ever told you life was fair?


My husband told me what you did to him, witch!

Mmhm, and what did Odysseus tell you exactly?


How you forced him to stay on your island and turned him into a pig and had your way with him.

That's not how it went down at all. Haven't you ever read the Odyssey?


Um, only the parts that I'm in.

Look... first of all, I never turned Odysseus into a pig. Only his men and only for a little while. Second of all, I didn't exactly "force" him to stay on the island, if you know what I mean...



Hey, maybe if you knew how to keep a man, he wouldn't be spreading the love all over the Mediterranean.


The whole time he was trying to get home to me!

Yeah, with a few "detours."



Ladies, ladies, let's settle down, eh?

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