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The Computation

The Computation


by John Donne

The Computation Resources



This site includes a huge selection of Donne's most poems, sermons, and essays, all of which are brilliant.

The Poetry Foundation

The Foundation's website has the best long biography of Donne available online.


"The Computation" Out Loud

The link to the audio is at the top of the page.

Donne Readings

A site with audio readings of some of Donne's more famous poems.


John Donne

A more official-looking portrait of Donne.

Melting Clocks

The famous image of melting clocks, painted by Salvador Dali, seems fitting with this poem.


John Donne, Body and Soul, by Ramie Targoff

Donne was both a worldly poet who celebrated love and sexuality, and also a reformed Catholic priest. This biography attempts to reconcile these two aspects of his life.

The Variorum Edition of the Poems of John Donne

If you really want to be a John Donne scholar, you should get your hands on this multi-volume edition of his collected works. It's the authoritative version.

Movies & TV

Simon Schama's John Donne
The British historian Simon Schama produced a documentary for the BBC about John Donne.

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