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Daedalus and Icarus Photos

    A Minor Detail
    The Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder created one of the myth's most famous portrayals, called Landscape with the Fall of Icarus. Check it out: Icarus' fall is shown as just a minor event in an otherwise very busy scene. Can you find his legs poking out of the water? [Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1558]

    A Lament for Icarus
    Classic English painter Herbert James Draper created this vibrant image of the myth, called Lament for Icarus. To be honest, it's kind of bumming us out. [The Lament for Icarus by Herbert James Draper, 1898]

    Don't Look Down
    This is a pretty well-known painting showing Daedalus helping Icarus achieve flight. Thanks, Dad. [Icarus and Daedalus by Charles Paul Landon, 1799]

    How Do I Look?
    Here's a sneak peek into the wax-wing fitting room. [Daedalus and Icarus by Domenico Piola, 1670s]

    Not a good moment. [The Fall of Icarus by Peter Paul Rubens, 1636]

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