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Deucalion's Wall


Wishing Pyrrha would quit hiding my boat building tools.


I put them in the garage where they belong.

So of course I couldn't find them.


Yo, Deucalion, why are you copying off my style?

Whatever. You copied my boat.


I believe I was the first one.


Clearly, it was me.


Boys, boys, there's room for more than one ancient guy who built an ark to survive a horrible flood, isn't there?


Looking forward to brunch at Deucalion and Pyrrha's tomorrow.

Glad you got unchained, Dad. It'll be great to see you again.


Pandora and I will be there for sure.


I'm so glad you invited me!

You're totally welcome, buddy.

Tell Pyrrha I'm sorry for being rude to her mom on that answers website.


After what she accidentally did, Mom is very into forgiveness.

What a great day for boat building.


The flood is over, baby.

We have to be prepared.


There isn't going to be another flood, Deucalion.

You don't know that. Everybody thought I was crazy before, and look what happened.


We live in the Underworld now. It isn't going to flood. And even if it did, it wouldn't matter because we're already dead.

I don't know. It looks like the River Styx has been running a little high lately.

No way.

It has! It's going to overflow and wash us all into Tartarus! I know it.

If you guys don't stop, you're going to cause a panic.


Forgive him, Lord Hades, he's been a little paranoid ever since the flood.


So how come all the evil I accidentally released into the world didn't get washed away in the flood?

I don't know, but it totally did a lot of damage beforehand.


Be polite to my mother!

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