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Energy Flow and Enzymes Resources


Cow Enzymes and Energy

An article from the BBC describing how the enzymes in a cow's stomach may help green energy efforts. Finally. Those cows have gotten pretty lazy...just wandering around meadows and eating all day. Actually, that sounds like a pretty nice life.

Chemistry for Biologists

An overview of enzymes on The Royal Society of Chemistry's website. It's chock full of all sorts of chemistry and biology information and quizzes.

Entropy is Simple

Thorough explanation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Don't fret, beloved Shmoopers. The guy who wrote this is a chemistry professor who has tons of experience teaching thermodynamics to non-scientists.


How Enzymes Work

Listen to a Mr. Moviefone sound-alike teach you the ins and outs of enzymes.

Enzymes at the Molecular Level

A ball-and-stick molecular animation video of enzymes. It's a great short overview...just in case you're a little lost on the whole enzymes thing.

Enzyme Behavior

A 3D video of the catalytic cycle and inhibition in enzymes. No special glasses required.


What Sandcastles Teach Us About Entropy

A whole lot, that's what. The BBC comes to the rescue again!

Perpetual Motion in The Simpsons

A clip from one of our favorite shows, The Simpsons. Be warned: this clip is pure physics. Well, mixed in with some Simpson-y goodness.

Enzymes and Living Things

Don't mind the ominous, disaster movie-esque soundtrack at the beginning. This video provides all sorts of real-life examples of enzymes. 

Enzymes and Food

Oh yes, we saw your ears perk at the mention of sustenance. Take a look at how exactly enzymes interact with your food.

Linus Pauling on Enzymes

With a name like Linus, you know this guy's legit. Watch as the good chemist describes a possible application of using enzymes.


Traditional Sushi Eaters and Their Enzymes

A podcast describing the discovery of helpful sushi-digesting enzymes in Japanese people and not American people.


Entropy of a Dying Star

Check out the NPR website for a picture of "galactic disorder and death," also know as an increase in entropy as a star starts to explode.

Enzymes Binding to DNA

A photo of the enzyme gyrase binding to a single DNA molecule at multiple sites. Yeah.


Laws of Thermodynamics

Again, physics alert. Learn everything you'll ever need to know about thermodynamics. Just kidding! This video probably won't teach you everything you need to know, but it is catchy. Heat is work and work is heat and work is heat and heat is work.


We imagine that this is what would happen if Monty Python met Biology. Actually, this song is done by another one of our favorite bands, Moxy Früvous.

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