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Finn mac Cool's Wall


is sucking the thumb he burnt while cooking the Salmon of Wisdom to try to figure out why the chicken crossed the road.


That was supposed to be my salmon!

Sorry, dude. Finders keepers, fishers weepers.


Na na na na! You can't catch me!


You got that right. I'm so happy I decided not to marry you, Finn, you big, old bum.

I'll hunt you down and kill you both if you're not careful. Also, I'm still pretty buff, Grainne. Your loss.


Thanks again for rescuing me, hubby. I had been in deer shape for so long that I forgot how to use a fork and knife.

No problem, honey. I'm just lucky my favorite hunting dogs realized that you weren't a real deer.


Hey, Dad. Quick question. How do you know when you're in the Otherworld?

Not sure. It's pretty trippy. It's like an Irish Twilight Zone.


poked Finn mac Cool with a magic spear.

Cormac mac Airt

Hey, buddy. So sorry my daughter Grainne ran out on you. I was really looking forward to having you as my son-in-law.

Me, too. I was excited to have the High King of Ireland as my father-in-law.

Cormac mac Airt

I'd offer you another of my daughters, but I can't risk losing another bride-to-be to a hot young warrior.


Hey, nephew. Just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing. I miss having a kid around the house to spend time with and teach all about magic.

I miss you, too, Auntie. And Auntie Liath, too—she taught me tons about what it means to be a warrior.


Let's get together soon and catch up. I'll bake your favorite pie.

Goll mac Morna

Anyone wanna go hunting? I hear there's a good boar or two on the run.


Dad, have you read the latest Hunger Games book? I just finished the trilogy. It's soooo good.

I finished them all in one weekend. I can't get enough.

is tired of people not being able to pronounce his name. It's "Finn mac Cool." Super-cool, right?

Finn, were you the one to build that bridge from Ireland to Scotland? Nice work.

Thanks, dude. I appreciate it coming from you. Even if I did have to hide from you because you're too strong for me.

Yeah, you bet I am.

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