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Freyja's Wall


Hey, baby. Meet me tonight?  Same time, same place?

We'll see, Odie. 

You know you miss me.

How's that sorcery homework coming along?

You'll just have to find out.



Oh, wait, what's your name again?  I forget 'cause you've kind of DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.  Call me, sis.

Sorry sorry!  I've been totes busy.

Hey, Frey-Frey, I hear the dwarves are lonely ever since Snow White left with her prince.  Heheheh.

DISLIKE.  I'm so close to de-friending you, Loki.

NOT COOL, Loki.  Watch your back.

I'm so scared.

Middle Earthling Visitor

Hello, Your Radiance.  I would just like to tell you how gorgeous I think you are.  Thank you for the bountiful harvest this year!  I am sending you my best goat to express my gratitude.

Sweet!  Thanks!

Dang, I sure do like it when you wear that feather dress.

Stop being so gorgeous all the time.  People are stealing my hammer to get your attention. 


Midnight showing of Harry Potter?

Oh em ghee.  YES.

You must be tired, 'cause you've been running through my mind all day.

likes this


Hi mom!

Get OFF my Wall this very instant, young lady.  No more Internet until you change the chariot cats' litter box.

Hey Freyja, can I borrow your feather dress tomorrow?  Asgard business.

No way. Last time you borrowed it you brought it back with mustard stains on it. The dry cleaner charged me two gold bracelets.

Wait a minute. Are you going against the Aesir gods? I said I have business.

Okay, okay, fine. But no fast food pit stops while you're in my dress. I mean it.

You're the best. I'll be over at 5 to pick it up.

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