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Pry into Frigg’s Diary

Frigg’s Daybook


9:00AM: Meeting with caterer to plan Friday’s diplomatic dinner.

Notes: Roast boar! Also, requested whole goat for Thor. Caterer does not have a mead cauldron large enough for event, so must look into renting one elsewhere.

11:00AM: Petitions Review with Middle Earthling liaison.

Notes: Lots
of births coming up in the next few weeks – it’s that time of year! May need to call Freyja in as back-up on some of them.

1:00PM: Lunch with Balder

Notes: Oh dear, my poor son is just beside himself – apparently has been having nightmares about his death. Must discuss this with Odin; surely we can find a way to put Balder’s worries to rest.

3:00PM: Pilates

4:00PM: Household Staff Meeting

Notes: Fulla has been having some problems with the cobbler we’ve been using – he’s apparently lost several pairs of my best shoes. I suggested we switch to dwarfish cobbler – he’s further away but Freyja recommends him highly. Gná agreed to let Fulla use her horse, Hófvarpnir, to make the deliveries.


9:00AM: Hlidskjalf Session

Thought that I might be able to get to the bottom of Balder’s nightmares by sitting on my hubby’s high seat. His future is somewhat murky, but I thought I did detect something ominous there, which worries me. My visions from Hlidskjalf are usually so clear. Must discuss with Odin.

11:00AM: Meeting with Freyja

Notes: Am so relieved – Freyja agreed to take over half of the upcoming births for the next month and to deal with all the unrequited love petitions. A big weight off my shoulders!

1:00PM: Lunch with Eir

Notes: Was very good to see my old friend again! She’s had quite a busy year, setting up a new academy for the healing arts.

3:00PM: Yoga


9:00AM: Breakfast with Odin

Discussed Balder’s nightmares and we came to a decision: I will ask everything in the world to take an oath not to harm him. Must set that in motion ASAP.

11:00AM: Weaving

Notes: Almost finished with a beautiful tapestry for the banquet hall – should be ready before Friday’s feast!

2:00PM: Household Staff Meeting

Gná will be circulating my decree ordering everyone to a thing where I'll administer an oath not to harm Balder. Horse Hófvarpnir needs to be re-shod before she can make the trip to Middle-Earth though, so we’ve called for the farrier to come in tomorrow morning.

4:00PM: Office Time

Notes: Drafted the decree explaining about Balder’s nightmares and ordering everything to take an oath not to harm him. Decided it was best to frame this as a “precaution” – don’t want to panic anyone! Shouldn’t have any problems with enforcement; Balder is so adored (naturally).


9:00AM: Final Meeting with Caterer

Notes: Menu for the feast tomorrow has been finalized! Unfortunately was not able to get enough lingonberries for the tart on short notice, so dessert will be apple cake instead. Will be borrowing Hymir’s cauldron for the mead.

11:00AM: Meeting with Household Chamberlain

Notes: Finalized the seating chart for the dinner. Top priority was to keep Thor away from any giants, since he does not get along with them and successful diplomatic dinners do not usually end in bone-crunching! Think we found a set-up that will work.

1:00PM: Petitions Review

Notes: Worked my way through about half of them. Many successful childbirths ahead for the people of Middle-Earth!

3:00PM: Meeting with Gná

Notes: Sent her off with the decree calling everyone to the thing.

4:00PM: Pilates


9:00AM: Breakfast with Odin

Notes: Discussed goals for dinner. Soothing giants’ hurt feelings over Thrym’s death at Thor’s hands is a priority.

11:00AM: Weaving

Notes: Finished tapestry and sent it off with chamberlain to be hung in the banquet hall for tonight.

1:00PM: Meeting with Gná

Notes: Received a report from Gná about the outcome of her mission. Seems that everything has agreed to travel to the dinner to take the oath not to harm Balder, except Mistletoe, who is just too young. Success!

2:00PM: Meeting with Fulla

Notes: Discussed wardrobe for tonight. Will be wearing my falcon-feather dress, since Fulla heard from Freyja’s maid that she will not be wearing hers, thank goodness.

3:00PM: Hair and Make-Up

Notes: Hlín arranged my hair in the most beautiful braided bun. She is really so talented!

5:00PM: Cocktails with Heads of State

Notes: Enjoyed comparing notes with Hera. It seems her husband has a wandering eye as well. Must arrange a lunch date to discuss further.

7:00PM: Dinner

Dinner was a success! No altercations between Thor and giants, and giant King Utgardsloki agreed to do a better job of enforcement at the borders, although I’m skeptical about how long that will last. All in all, it’s been a busy and productive week!

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