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Functions Terms

Get down with the lingo

Empty Set

A set containing no elements.



All the values x can take in a function. It's like x is a little king, and the domain is, well, its domain.


This is the set of all possible outputs of a function. It's generally the possible y-values. It has very little to do with the Lone Ranger or free range chickens.


A relation between sets of input and output where each input is related to one and only one output. The lobster model of mathematics.


A diagram representing data or relationship(s) between variables.

Ordered Pair

Two numbers written in a certain order; (a, b) is different from (b, a).

Independent Variable

A variable that assume values freely, or independently, in a function.


The point where the graph of a function crosses the x-axis or y-axis.


The steepness of a line, calculated as rise over run; think skiing (the bunny slope is less steep than the triple black diamond).


Quadratic Equation

An equation obtained by setting a quadratic polynomial to 0.

Quadratic Polynomial

A polynomial of degree 2.

Exponential Function

A function of the form y = abx + c. Their graphs form a nice, smooth curve.


A mathematical statement using the symbols <, >, ≤, ≥.

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