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Gaia (Terra)'s Wall


What's with all the pollution, mankind?

Tell me about it.

Today, I'm thankful that Zeus finally let my son Kronos out of Tartarus.


Did you feel guilty, Mom?

You were a very bad boy, but nobody deserves Tartarus.


You know that really hurts my feelings, sis.

Sorry, bro, but you are a horrible bottomless pit.


Uncle Tartar, you're kind of depressing.


Bah humbug.

Gaia: Did you guys see this? The state of California is shutting down seventy state parks to save money! Why is it always my beauty that gets the short end of the stick?

You're not that pretty, Gran. You're kind of old, actually.

UNGRATEFUL LITTLE TWERP. Who helped raise you? Who saved your life on multiple occasions?

Who unleashed horrible giant-monsters upon Olympus to destroy me and my fellow gods? Oh, that's right, my GRANDMOTHER. That would be you.

You've never been able to grasp how complicated life is, you little simpleton.

Oh, I don't think there's anything complicated about the fact that you tried to have me killed, Gran.

You'll never understand.

Ok, everyone, what's your most favorite vacation spot ever? Go.

Bali. Luxury, thy name is Bali.

Oh dude, I love surfing in Kauii. Relaxation to the maxation.


I prefer my winter home at Lake Baikal in southern Siberia.

Ooooh, definitely Nantucket. Or Cape Cod. Or Martha's Vineyard. I have a house on each.


Cabo. Definitely Cabo.

Please, people. Paris is my one and only. Best vacay spot ever. Soooo romantic.

I like summers in Death Valley. The perfect temperature for me.

Sis, Vegas is always the answer. ALWAYS.



I love a good trip to Tasmania. Tasmanian devils are so cute.

Being the avid snorkeler that I am, Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua is my favorite place.

I really like Hong Kong. There's so much to see, and so many new buildings and ideas there.

It's a toss-up for me between Oxford, England and Alexandria, Egypt.

Nothing beats Broadway, baby. NOTHING. I <3 NY.

The Muses

TOTALLY New York City. No doubts about it.


One of my most favorite sites, Weather Underground, has a photo section where people all over the world post realtime photos of the weather and natural beauty around them. I love it. I love me.

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