Limiting Adjective - Cardinal

Cardinal adjectives are used for counting.

Yep: one, two, three…

They are also The Count's favorite type of adjective, besides adjectives used to compliment him on his slick green cape.



"The Nintendo Wii remote requires two AA batteries. "

In this example, two is a cardinal adjective that counts the number of batteries needed to spend all of Sunday playing Mario Kart instead of going outside.

"Melissa visited seven countries on her recent Mediterranean cruise."

In this seafaring sentence, seven is a cardinal adjective that counts the number of countries where Melissa purchased postcards to mail back to her jealous, landlubber friends.

"Before his Latin American History exam, Derek stayed up for twenty-four hours straight."

While we admire Derek's ambition, Shmoop can't recommend his studying style. Here, the cardinal adjective twenty-four counts how many hours Derek spent wide awake, pounding Mountain Dew and reading about Emiliano Zapata.


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