Already vs. All Ready

Already vs All Ready. We'll make it easy for you.

If you're totally prepared, equipped, or primed for something then you're all ready.

Use already when you mean to say previously or by this time, or when you mean to say now or so soon.

Are you all ready for some examples of what we mean? Well, let's get on with it already!


"I can't believe senior year is over already. Seems like just yesterday we were scrawny, wide-eyed, little freshmen."

Those four years really fly by, don't they? Here, already means the same as so soon.

"As soon as we figure out how to fit this enormous tent in the back of our tiny hybrid car, we'll be all ready to leave on our camping trip."

In this adventurous sentence, all ready is the way to go because the speaker means that as soon as they give up and tie the tent to the roof of the car they'll be prepared to hit the road.

"We'll just meet you in front of the go-kart track. Mario already gave me directions."

We hope the Mario in this sentence isn't world champion racecar driver Mario Andretti. If it is, we hope the speaker didn't place any bets on today's time at the track. Regardless, already, in this example, means previously, as in Mario provided directions at some point in the past.


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