Between vs. Among


Ready to increase your preposition power? We're going to keep this short and sweet:

  • Use between when you're talking about two things.
  • Use among for more than two things.

The end.


"I was mad that my dad would only let us get one dog. Who in their right mind can choose among three furry Australian Shepherd puppies?"

Nobody, that's who. In this sentence, among is the correct word since there are three puppies from which to choose.

"If our teacher has to settle one more dispute between Roger and Deacon she might resort to throwing pencils at them."

Since there are only two people involved in the fight, between is the right word for the job. And watch out boys: First it's pencils… then it's staplers.

"Between the two of them, Maria and Meg finished a hot fudge sundae meant to be split between six people."

We want to give Maria and Meg gold stars… and a box of TUMS. Since there are two girls chowing down on the sundae, the correct word here is between.


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