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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Quotes

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Love Quotes

"Is it true?" said Gaunt in a deadly voice, advancing a step or two toward the terrified girl. "My daughter – pure blooded descendant of Salazar Slytherin – hankering after a filthy, di...

Good vs. Evil Quotes

"The point is, we're at war, Prime Minister, and steps must be taken." (1.69)

Mortality Quotes

"And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure." (3.110)

Lies and Deceit Quotes

"What he meant, I am sure, is that he had been under an enchantment that had now lifted, though I daresay he did not dare use those precise words for fear of being thought insane. When they heard w...

Friendship Quotes

He had never had a proper conversation with the headmaster outside of Hogwarts before; there was usually a desk between them. (4.1)

Education Quotes

"Yes, I think it is time that I took a greater hand in your education." (4.215)

Identity Quotes

People stared shamelessly as he approached. They even pressed their faces against the windows of their compartments to get a look at him. He had expected an upswing in the amount of gaping and gawp...

Choices Quotes

"Malfoy, revenge? What can he do about it?" "That's my point, I don't know!" said Harry, frustrated. "But he's up to something and I think we should take it seriously. His father's a Death Eater an...

The Supernatural Quotes

"The situation is fraught with complications. We do not know whether the enchantments we ourselves have placed upon it, for example, making it Unplottable, will hold now that ownership has passed f...

Language and Communication Quotes

"You understand him, I'm sure, Harry?" said Dumbledore quietly."Yes, of course," said Harry, slightly nonplussed. "Why can't Ogden--?"But as his eyes found the dead snake on the door again, he sudd...

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