A classroom solution that pushes the boundaries of Social Emotional Learning and begins and ends with the student.

What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a simple, non-intrusive student engagement solution that adds cognitive power to every 6-12 grade classroom. This research-based classroom technology is designed to tie a student’s emotional health, cognitive position, and background to their ability to achieve academically.

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Student View

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Teacher View

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What does Heartbeat improve?

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Class size issues

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School safety

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Graduation rates

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Student engagement

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Drop out rates

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Test scores

Award Winning

Heartbeat demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to supporting learner variability

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The EdTech Awards identifies Shmoop's Heartbeat as a finalist for emerging technology solutions

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What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a research-based classroom technology that adds cognitive power to the classroom.

What does it do?

Heartbeat enables 1:1 student/teacher relationships at scale by offering actionable, individualized engagement strategies unique to each student.

How does it help?

The insights from Heartbeat give educators and students visibility into which non-academic factors impact academic success, supported by actions that both parties can take to improve engagement and learning outcomes.

What does Heartbeat support?

SEL, personalized learning, student engagement, outcomes.

What is the research behind Heartbeat?

We have partnered with Digital Promise to leverage their Learner Variability Program. Through this framework, Heartbeat covers 48 different learning competencies through thousands of interactions that each student engages with. These interactions have been written by Psychometric experts and reviewed by Education Psychologists.

Does Heartbeat ask questions that prompt a mandatory report?

No. All of the interactions in Heartbeat have been assigned severity levels. Anything that would require a report sits firmly in what we call "severity 1." Although we see the benefit in helping students understand and process these types of interactions we are not currently asking them. If you would like more information regarding interaction severity please reach out to us.

Can Heartbeat be used by counselors or other faculty?

Yes, Heartbeat can be used by a wide range of users, including but not limited to teachers, students, principals, counselors, and even parents.

Does Heartbeat support multiple teachers?

Yes, Heartbeat allows for multiple teachers to join one group, a functionality available under the group settings. Once a teacher is a member of a group, they can then view student pulses and invite students into the group.

Do we cover all of the factors CASEL covers?

Yes, Heartbeat covers a total of 48 competencies, which include the 5 CASEL competencies.

Is Heartbeat secure?

Yes, Shmoop’s security & compliance program is aligned to the most rigorous standards. Using the foundations and control areas of ISO 27001 & HIPAA, Shmoop has created a detailed program and practices to ensure that student data is managed at the highest levels of security.

How do you track progress of students using heartbeat?

Heartbeat provides insights and resources for teachers and advisors to learn more about their students; however, we are intentional on not weaponizing our data or labeling students. The data provided is designed to show growth over time, not linear progression.

How do I implement Heartbeat?

Shmoop provides step by step procedures based on your school needs and rollout preferences.


A classroom solution that pushes the boundaries of Social Emotional Learning and begins and ends with the student.

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