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Henry IV Part 2 Resources


Folger Shakespeare

Check out Shakespeare's biography and read about Elizabethan theater at this site.

Henry IV Biography

Biographical information about the historical King Henry's life and reign.

Prince Hal (a.k.a. King Henry V) Biography

Want to know more about the historical Prince Hal? Check out this website.

Shakespeare Concordance

Awesome tool for all students to look up words in any of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.

MIT's The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Read Henry IV Part 2 online. Warning: There aren't any footnotes but this is good in a pinch.

Movie or TV Productions

Henry IV, Part 2, 1990

The English Shakespeare Company's production, directed by Michael Bogdanov is available in most libraries on DVD and VHS as part of a larger collection, The War of the Roses, which chronicles Shakespeare's history plays. You can also watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Chimes at Midnight, 1965

Also known as Falstaff, Chimes at Midnight (a.k.a. Campanadas a Medianoche ) is Orson Welles' 1965 film adaptation of the Henry plays. A cool film, but don't depend on this if you're preparing for a quiz on the play text. (Welles conflates Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, Richard II, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Holinshed's Chronicles to paint a portrait of a "tragic" Falstaff.) This film can be hard to get hold of so your best bet is to watch the whole thing on YouTube.

BBC, 1979

The BBC's production is smart and mostly faithful to the text of the play but it's also pretty dark and depressing. Anthony Quayle gives a stellar performance as Falstaff.

Historical Documents

Holinshed's Chronicles

One of Shakespeare's main sources for both Henry plays is Volume III of Holinshed's Chronicles (1587). You can check out Project Gutenberg's e-text of the 1808 edition online.

The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth

Another source for Shakespeare's Henriad is the pre-1588 play The Famous Victories of Henry V, which chronicles Hal's life during his father's reign and his own. Check it out here.

Homily Against Rebellion and Willful Disobedience

For a better understanding of how Shakespeare's Elizabethan audience might have approached the play's representation of rebellion, check out this authorized (by the monarch) sermon, which was read in churches on a regular basis during Queen Elizabeth's reign. Rebellion, according to the Elizabethan worldview, was a "great a sin against God."


Punk Rock Doll Tearsheet

This is a great clip from the tavern scene in Act 2, Scene 4.

Prince Hal and King Henry Reconcile

Check out the English Shakespeare Company's 1990 production on YouTube.

The Rejection of Falstaff

From Chimes at Midnight. Check out Orson Welles's production of Hal's rejection of Falstaff in the second half of this ten-minute clip.

Anthony Quayle's Falstaff

Falstaff takes a prisoner and delivers a speech praising wine. From Act 4, Scene 3.


Listen to the entire play, FREE
Check out Speak-the-Speech: Universal Shakespeare Broadcasting.


Map of Britain

You might want to print out this useful map of Britain denoting major locations for Shakespeare's plays. Tip: Use your cursor to enlarge the map.

Original Title Page of the Play

Check out this image of the 1600 quarto title page of Henry IV Part 2.

Falstaff and his Page

Adolf Schrödter's "Falstaff und sein Page" (1867).

Doll Tearsheet and Falstaff

Photograph from the Marin Shakespeare Company's 2007 performance of Henry IV Part 2.

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