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Hephaestus (Vulcan)'s Wall



How's that new chariot coming?

Almost done.


Can you speed it up? The world's kind of dark without the sun being drawn across the sky.

It's not my fault you let Phaeton drive the thing. A sun-chariot is not a toy for children.


Like I really need reminding. You seriously are a tool.

I hope the rumors are true, and Apollo is taking over your job.


Wait... what?!

Oh, nothing... nothing.


Yeah, well it looks like Ares is taking over one of your jobs as a husband.



Like I said, hurry up with my chariot.

There's more hammering in my head than in the forge today. Do not go out with Dionysus on a work night.

But you have to work everyday!

Yeah, he's a fuddy-duddy.

Some of us have responsibilities.

More reason to come out to the Bacchanal tonight and relax.

Can I come?

Absolutely not.

But everybody loves when Aphrodite shows up.

I'm sure they do.

I'm so over this.

Just forged the most marvelous sword.

Boooooring... You should've made something nice for me instead.

I made you that magic girdle, and you totally misuse it.

Why would you craft a girdle that makes everybody attracted to me, and then get mad when everybody is attracted to me?

The issue is how you respond to everybody's attraction...

Whatevs, I'm surprised anyone is attracted to a girdle anyway. I mean... a girdle? Who wears girdles?

Hey, you think you can whip up a fresh batch of arrows for me?

I just forged you a fresh batch.

Yo, Valentine's Day is coming up. It's my busy time of year.

I'd be much more inclined if you didn't completely abuse my gifts on a daily basis.

Ahh, come on... Pweeeeeeeease Daaaaaddyyy...?

Don't even try that. Everyone knows I'm not your real father.

Fo sho.

Get lost, Ares.

Fine, I guess the world will just have to go without passion and desire.

Yes, and it will be much better off.

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