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Heracles (Hercules): Later Adventures and Death Photos

The Death of Heracles
Heracles dies after his wife gives him a poisoned shirt. [Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán, 1634.]

Hylas and the Nymphs
Heracles’ lover and friend is seduced by water nymphs. [Painting by John William Waterhouse, 1896.]

The Abduction of Deinara
Nessus takes off with Heracles’ sweetiepie. [Painting by Guido Reni, 1621.]

Heracles Fights Nessus
Why did Nessus ever think it was a good idea to mess with the lady of Heracles?  [Sculpture by Giambologna, 1599. Photo by Ricardo André Frantz, 2005.]

Heracles and Nessus, Again
Nessus looks like he doesn't have a chance. [Painting by Sebastiano Ricci, 1706-1707.]

Nessus Defeated
Heracles looks seriously mad in this one. [Attic amphora, c. 620-610 B.C. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Marsyas, 2005.]

Heracles on Olympus
Poseidon and Athena welcome Heracles to Mount Olympus. [Attic olpe, c. 550-530 B.C.]

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