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Heracles (Hercules): Later Adventures and Death

Heracles (Hercules): Later Adventures and Death

Heracles (Hercules): Later Adventures and Death Resources


The Life and Times of Hercules

This great site on Hercules, brought to you by Tufts University, offers lots of great info on Herc, including maps, details on the ladies in his life, and much more.


A great source for all things ancient Greek. We're linking to the page on Heracles.

Movie or TV Productions

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series)

Kevin Sorbo was the man in this popular series about Hercules' adventures.

Hercules (Animated Movie)

When Heracles got Disnified... In this movie, Hera isn't the bad guy (she's actually Hercules' mom), Hades is. In other words, this movie isn't faithful to the original myth, but it's still fun.

Hercules (Animated Series)

As if a movie wasn't enough, Disney also made a TV series about Herc.

Video Games

The Glory of Hercules

A game for the Nintendo DS.

God of War III

Heracles gets a whipping from Kratos, Mr. God of War, in this video game.

Historical Documents

The Library

An ancient source of the tale of Heracles.

Library of History

Another old-school source for all things Heracles.


Disney Movie

Watch the trailer for the 1997 animated Disney movie.

Hercules: The True Myth

The History Chanel digs into the history of the real man behind the myth. This might be bogus – we're just not sure – but it sure is interesting.


Hercules (Digital Comic)

Marvel Comics gives the hero of heroes his very own series.

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