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History of Labor Unions Images

San Francisco '34 Waterfront Strike

This print by Anton Refregier, a copy of a mural he painted in a San Francisco post office, glorifies labor's side in the hard-fought struggles of the 1930s.

Group of Workers in Clayton, N.C. Cotton Mills

Lewis Hine's photo shows the young children who worked long hours in early twentieth-century factories.

Haymarket Riot, 1886

An engraving from Harper's Weekly of the bombing that tarnished labor's image in the turbulent 1880s.

One of the spinners in Whitnel Cotton Mill.

This girl, only 4'3" tall, had worked in the mill for a year, sometimes at night, for 48¢ a day.

A young driver in the Brown mine

Working in a coal mine was dirty business. This boy drove the mules that carried coal out of the shaft.

The 1936 sit-down strike at General Motors

Workers pass the time during the 44-day strike at the Flint, Michigan, GM plant that brought in the United Auto Workers.

Samuel Gompers

The man who was most influential in shaping the labor movement in the United States.

George Meany

The longtime AFL-CIO leader, an icon of Big Labor.

César Chávez

César Chávez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union, at a 1972 rally.

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