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Mick Jagger in History of Rock & Roll

Mick Jagger (b. 1943) is the lead singer and frontman of The Rolling Stones, one of the most successful and longest-lived acts in rock history. The Rolling Stones—comprised of Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, bassist Bill Wyman, and drummer Charlie Watts—formed in London in 1962, performing music inspired by popular American rhythm and blues acts. By 1964, they had risen to rival The Beatles as the most popular rock band in Britain. Their style has evolved through more than four decades of rock superstardom. The Stones have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, and remain today one of the world's most popular touring acts.

The charismatic Jagger was not only a strong songwriter and singer, but he also became one of rock's most iconic sex symbols. His personal life became the stuff of tabloid fodder, with high-profile marriages to actress Bianca Jagger and model Jerry Hall ending in divorce amidst charges of serial infidelity. (Jagger has fathered seven children by four women.) Even in his mid-sixties, Jagger continues to exude charisma and sexuality in his live performances, keeping millions of fans happy worldwide.

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