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Jormungand (Jörmungandr)'s Wall


Son, just so you know, Thor's headed on a fishing trip straight into your territory.

Oooooh, deliciousss.

Now, now, no swallowing. Just scare him a little bit, you know?

I'll show him my fangsss!

Just discovered a nice, sunny rock to burrow under. Going to sssleep for a couple of days. Don't bother me, or you'll be sssorry.


likes this.

I couldn't bother you even if I wanted to, brother. Haven't been able to chew through these fetters.


Me neither. Still stuck in Niflheim.

Don't worry, kiddos. On the last day, we'll have the last laugh.

Hey man, Utgardsloki just told me it was you I tried to pick up by the tail the other day. I had no idea!

The cat disguise he gave me was super effective, right?

Yeah. But you need to go on a diet, dude. For reals.

It's all the whalesss I eat. But it sure beats lutefisk.


Hey Jormungand, how's about you help me play a little trick on Thor?

I'm alwaysss ready for a good deception. What did you have in mind?


Well, I don't want to give too much away, but meet me at my place…say, six o'clock?

I'm ssslithering that way now.


Oh Jormy-Worm, you haven't called home in ages! I'm worried about you! Where are you?

I'm digesting a whale. I told you I'd be doing that all week, Mom. And please don't call me Jormy-Worm.


Uh-oh, looks like somebody's a grumpy-puss!

(rolls eyes)

Check it out, everyone. One of my buddiesss is ssstarring in a movie!


likes this.

Where have you been? That came out ages ago.

I've been in my den. Not everybody is warm-blooded, you know.

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